Innovative, Consumer-Friendly Options for Obtaining Short-Term Liquidity

Intelligent Limit System®

Automated, technology-driven solution that revolutionizes consumer liquidity management using customized limits

Our proprietary algorithm reduces financial institution and consumer risk by assigning customized overdraft limits, based on ability to repay.

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Automated consumer loan solution providing quick access to liquidity for occasional cash flow issues

Provide your account holders with a responsible, affordable and regulatory-friendly way to obtain short-term liquidity.

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Reg. E Management

Consumer education and communication about the impact of Reg. E decisions

Educating your account holders about the consequences of making an opt-in decision should be an ongoing process for your financial institution.

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Alternative credit score that enhances unsecured consumer borrowing power

Alternative credit scoring model that calculates your account holders’ ability to repay the liquidity extended to them.

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