Increase Deposits Through Profitable New Accounts with a Data-Driven and Digital Approach

Over the past several years, checking deposit growth—the most fundamental source of revenue for community banks and credit unions—is declining. While evolving technology, stagnant population growth and other environmental forces played parts in the decline, you are also losing potential deposits to big bank strategies of cash offers and promises of high interest rates. These strategies are expensive to execute and have very low retention rates, but they continue to open new accounts that could have been yours.

Velocity’s Invitation Checking® System is an automated strategy driving new deposits using a data-driven approach of digital referrals, social media marketing, direct mail and digital marketing. We help you win account holders away from the big banks and generate profitable new accounts and their deposits that stay with you longer.

What If...

  • You could increase the revenue, longevity and lifetime value of your accounts?
  • You could leverage a comprehensive digital strategy to win accounts away from the competition?
  • Such a program delivered a 5 to 1 ROI or greater?

Account Acquisition Revolutionized

Key Product Features

Deposit Growth

Declining deposit trends means that you’ll need to win account holders away from the competition. Our strategies are designed to help you succeed in that effort.

Comprehensive Acquisition Strategies

Attract new accounts through referrals, social media, direct mail and digital marketing.

Digital Referral Program

Consumers can refer others on social media, through text or email with a personal referral code.

Profitable and Sustainable

Studies conclude that referred accounts maintain higher balances, stay longer and bring in more account holders.


We offer a pricing option that is usage-based, meaning that you only pay for accounts driven by Velocity. There is no additional cost for the accounts you would have opened anyway, and there are NO set-up or monthly fees.

Net DDA Growth

Referred checking accounts have a higher retention rate and are more loyal account holders.


Program is completely automated, and our proprietary system allows you to capture key information in less than a minute!

Communication & Marketing

ICS leverages multiple methods to spread the word: emails, text, branded FI and rewards websites, social media and fun new marketing collateral every quarter.

Tracking & Reporting

The ICS reporting package is the most advanced and comprehensive in the market, allowing you to see actual account balances, fees and attrition by the type of account and method of acquisition.

Ongoing Training

Our professional and enthusiastic trainers provide regular performance reports, on-site training and retraining, coaching and best practices.