Alternative Scoring Model that Enhances Unsecured Consumer Borrowing Power

Numerous regulatory agencies are encouraging alternative underwriting that better measures the ability to repay on a short-term basis than traditional credit scoring models. Velocity’s consumer liquidity solutions do just that. Our proprietary system uses alternative data to calculate propensity to repay, providing a score that allows you to better assess your financial institution’s liquidity risk.

Velocity is the only provider in this space offering this unique metric that provides a daily snapshot of short-term liquidity risk for community banks and credit unions using alternative data.

The VelocityScore was released with the launch of Velocity’s Consumer Liquidity Engine™ that helps community banks and credit unions empower their account holders with a choice of responsible and affordable consumer liquidity solutions.

The VelocityScore™:

  • Is calculated by Velocity Solutions’ proprietary algorithm using alternative data and automated underwriting that analyzes account holders’ ability to repay the liquidity extended to them.
  • Determines the available buying power of a responsible alternative to “Buy Now Pay Later” services, which often lead to heavy debt. With responsible alternatives, consumers can continue to work with their trusted bank or credit union in times of cash flow needs.
  • Provides a valuable metric that community financial institution executives can use to assess the overall liquidity exposure of their account holders at any given time.
  • Is a dynamic calculation that automatically adjusts over time based on account holders’ deposit activity and transactional behavior.

What If...

  • You could gauge your financial institution’s liquidity risk at a glance?
  • You could mitigate risk for your financial institution and your account holders with this one-of-a-kind metric?
  • You could follow regulatory guidance in providing short-term liquidity based on ability to repay?