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The Consumer Liquidity Engine™ from Velocity Solutions makes fairness as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Assigning each consumer a VelocityScore™ based on in-depth
    alternative data.

    Fairer and more inclusive than traditional credit scores.
  2. Using this score to set and adjust a dynamic short-term liquidity limit based on the consumer’s current ability to repay the funds.
    Fairer than giving everyone the same liquidity limit (Across our entire client base, the average payoff rate of negative balances is over 99.3%!*)
  3. Offering the option to access funds up to this limit via overdraft, a short-term CashPlease® loan or a combination of both.
    Fairer (and more flexible) than only giving one fixed option.


With Velocity Solutions, you can put fairness first by:

✓ Determining a consumer’s ability to repay

✓ Stopping overuse with a fees-to-deposits module

✓ Utilizing data to make overdraft fee refunding more consistent

✓ Providing interest-free repayment plans

✓ Offering a short-term loan option

✓ Stopping unfair NSF fees

✓ Protecting low-income consumers


*For overdraft events where Velocity’s Intelligent Limit System® assigns a limit greater than zero


Overdraft & Consumer Liquidity:
How to Put Fairness First

Christopher Leonard

Presented by Velocity CEO
and overdraft/compliance
expert Christopher Leonard

June 13, 2024
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

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