Powerful Banking Management Platform
that Aggregates Data from
Disparate Financial Systems

Providing Your Financial Institution With:
1. Data and Analytics
2. Actionable Insights on Critical KPIs
3. APIs to the Data Set

Banks and credit unions that are seeking to become more efficient, productive and agile need to centralize their data into a unified platform. That’s why we developed the Velocity Intelligent Platform® — an innovative, machine-led banking management system that streamlines and optimizes disparate data, allowing you to better analyze your lines of business with a 360-degree view.

Our robust Velocity Intelligent Platform® powers all of Velocity’s solutions and creates positive synergies—in which each solution is strengthened by and reinforced by the others. In addition, the Platform delivers powerful analytics to drive account life cycle optimization, consumer liquidity, account holder engagement, business loans, non-interest income and much more.

Using machine-led intelligence, our Velocity Intelligent Platform® uses data & analytics to provide actionable insights on critical Operating KPIs. When used in conjunction with the VelocityConnector™, our platform is decidedly more efficient, allowing third-party fintechs to implement their solution on top of a single API provided by the Velocity Intelligent Platform rather than dealing with individual core processing system integrations.

Platform Features


The VelocityConnector allows third-party fintechs to implement their solution on top of a single API provided by the Velocity Intelligent Platform, rather than dealing with individual core processing system integrations.

Integrates with any Core

Our platform can be integrated with any of the cores used throughout the banking and credit union industries.

Maximizes Performance of All Products

The Velocity Intelligent Platform® powers all of Velocity’s solutions. Data and analytics extracted from each solution work to bolster performance of the others.

Superior Insights

With one unified platform, you’ll have a true 360 degree view of each account holder’s financial picture, allowing you to provide more targeted communications and product offers.

Decrease Redundancies & Inaccuracies

A unified platform prevents the errors and redundancies that can occur when various lines of business pull the same data, often from different places, and complete the same tasks, often with different results.

Track High-Level Performance

Track the account service scores that help you identify which accounts are actively onboarding or where activity is declining.

Track Detailed Performance

Drill down into individual banker and branch performance. Plus, you will have the ability to customize and schedule your tracking and reporting.

Detailed Dashboards

KPI dashboards track account opening performance, services review and debit card usage. In addition, Velocity Intelligent Platform® provides an executive dashboard customized for your institution.



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