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Manage Overdraft Services

ODM Guardian™

ODM Guardian is an overdraft management system that detects and mitigates risk, while helping you better manage your account holder communications.

Velocity Solutions is one of the only providers in the industry to offer a solution that considers an individual’s ability to repay when determining the appropriate overdraft limit amount, an important consideration for both revenue and compliance in the changing regulatory environment.

ODM Guardian is tailored to the needs, resources and budgets of financial institutions with less than approximately 25,000 checking accounts. We have found that existing systems available to financial institutions became cost prohibitive and labor intensive for many community-based banks and credit unions.  We developed ODM Guardian™ specifically to give these financial institutions another option to manage risk and compliance, without the costly implementation process that often comes with other solutions.

Some of the primary benefits of ODM Guardian™ include the following functions:

  • Protect and sustain non-interest fee income streams
  • Identify and reduce risk to your institution and your account holders
  • Reduce waivers, refunds and chargeoffs
  • Simplify and improve overdraft collections process
  • Comply with Reg. E rules and regulatory guidelines
  • Improve account holder communications
  • Improve overdraft operational efficiencies
  • Provide consistency in your practices
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