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Relationship Rebate Solution™

Relationship Rebate Solution™ is an automated system that drives new revenue by offering rebates that must be initiated by the account holder rather than being awarded automatically.

How it Works

Account holders are given the option to receive a rebate on fees in exchange for activity or additional valuable relationships with your financial institution. With this solution, you will find that account holders who are most sensitive to pricing will redeem their rebate, while those who are less sensitive will not redeem, allowing your financial institution to keep the additional revenue.

Additional Revenue

Keep 70% more of your fee revenue by offering rebates that must be initiated by the account holder instead of being awarded automatically. An example of the additional revenue you can earn:

  • 30,000 debit cards x $15 annual fee = $450,000 gross revenue
  • 40% of accounts qualifying for fee waiver / refund = $180,000
  • Actual fees rebated when only 30% of these claimed = $54,000
  • Savings from Relationship Rebate Solution = $126,000

Rebate Options

Allow account holders to participate in the pricing they pay by earning rebates through activity and behavior. Some of the ways account holders can earn rebates are:

  • Maintaining a sufficient balance
  • Swiping debit card a minimum number of times
  • Signing up for additional products and services

Account Holder Experience

Account holders feel “in charge” of their own banking experience and know that:

  • Rebates are not given automatically
  • Consumers must meet specific objectives to receive rebates
  • Account holders must take affirmative step of claiming the rebate

Turnkey Solution

Deploy a comprehensive solution that allows you to be as hands-off as possible. We handle all aspects of the program including:

  • Online rebate redemption system
  • Complete management of all rebates offered
  • Redemption of rebates according to criteria that you establish
  • Reporting that lists your rebates by account
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