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Increase Account Transactions

Account Revenue Solution™

Our Account Revenue Solution™ is a turnkey solution that utilizes powerful analytics and segmentation to convert unprofitable accounts into active, revenue-producing accounts.

The Account Revenue Solution™ (ARS) is a turnkey solution designed to increase checking account activity among your existing account holders and convert unprofitable accounts into revenue-producing accounts. At Velocity Solutions, we believe the best way to determine whether a retail account is fully active and on-boarded is to measure the account holder’s transactional activity. When you have dormant checking accounts, chances are these account holders are doing the bulk of their banking somewhere else.

With ARS, we analyze your transactional data to create targeted offers to specific account holders focused on improving usage and sustaining that use. The fact is: transacting checking accounts are the only profitable checking accounts. ARS delivers a 3 to 1 or greater ROI and is accretive to earnings in a matter of months.

Additional Revenue

Added fee income, increased interchange, additional products and services, and reduced attrition can add up to thousands of dollars in additional revenue per account. Financial institutions utilizing ARS typically experience increases in the following areas:

  • Number of heavy users (20+ transactions a month)
  • Interchange income
  • Additional products and services per checking account
  • Checking account lifespan

Segmented Approach

Our database application identifies patterns and characteristics of your retail checking accounts based
on transaction activity. Success is heavily based on our ability to:

  • Provide targeted messaging based on transaction activity
  • Encourage gradual behavior change
  • Communicate achievable offers only


Our ARS reporting package is second to none. We ensure that you are equipped with the tools to measure the success of this program, such as:

  • Detailed pro forma of expected results
  • Monthly reports detailing all accounts and the incremental profit each account delivers
  • Comparison of actual performance to date vs. pro forma of expected results
  • Ongoing analysis

Turnkey Solution

Deploy a comprehensive solution that does not require your financial institution’s dedicated personnel to manage. We will handle:

  • Creation and delivery of all marketing pieces including website, direct mail offers, email communications, etc.
  • Fulfillment of rewards
  • Training for your staff
  • Dedicated support for your account holders
  • Ongoing consulting and strategic coaching
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