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Drive Revenue with Fees Users Willingly Pay

My Rewards™ Premium Cards

Generate a new revenue stream by offering your account holders premium services and benefits for which they gladly will pay: bonus rewards, cash back, roadside assistance and even short-term loans.

Not only have regulatory changes to interchange and overdraft services impacted many institutions’ bottom lines, but community and regional banks and credit unions are further besieged by competition from megabanks and credit card issuers.  In response to these challenges, Velocity Solutions has developed My Rewards™ Premium Cards – a program built on our existing robust rewards platform.

Research has proven that consumers will pay a fee for valuable benefits and services, and chances are that your account holders are already paying such service fees to other companies. With My Rewards Premium Cards, you can generate an entirely new revenue stream by offering your account holders premium benefits such as bonus rewards, cash back, and exclusive perks – all at no cost to your institution.  In fact, Velocity Solutions will write you a check.

Charge Fees Users Willingly Pay Elsewhere

For years, credit card companies have offered card-level perks and benefits based on the consumer’s desired service level (e.g., gold card, platinum card, etc.). Now, those same types of premium benefits can be linked to the debit card, which in turn boosts transactional activity and usage among account holders who wish to participate. Examples of benefits include:

  • Earn Points for Everyday Purchases
  • Local Discounts & Coupons
  • Buyers Protection
  • Bonus Points and Cash Back
  • Free My Rewards™ Mobile App
  • Medical Evacuation/Repatriation
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Prescription Savings
  • Extended Warranty
  • Exclusive Rewards, Events, etc.

Flexible for Any Financial Institution

One of the most attractive aspects of tying card-level perks and benefits to the checking account is the fact that you already have a trusted relationship with your account holders. Recognizing the value of your existing account base, this program can be adapted to meet the needs of any financial institution.

  • Multiple tiered card levels can be implemented
  • Various perks and benefits appeal to different lifestyle and regional preferences
  • Trusted relationship under your brand

Automated Service

Deploy an automated solution that increases income without requiring additional resources from your financial institution. And, the consumer experience is equally as hands-free.

  • Account holder links checking account(s) to a premium card level through website
  • Spending and transactional data are automatically recorded
  • Bonus offers are redeemed online and fulfilled directly to the account holder
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