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Invitation Checking® System

Increase deposits through profitable new accounts with a data-driven and digital approach

Velocity’s Invitation Checking® System is an automated strategy driving new deposits using a data-driven approach of digital referrals, social media marketing, direct mail and digital marketing. We help you win account holders away from the big banks and generate profitable new accounts and their deposits that stay with you longer.

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Account Revenue Solution®

Uses analytics and segmentation to drive consumer engagement and revenue

The Account Revenue Solution® allows you to leverage big data and digital strategies to successfully onboard new accounts, engage your account holders and boost transactional activity.

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My Rewards® Premium Cards

Generate revenue by tying premium rewards and benefits to the debit card

Research has proven that consumers will pay a fee for benefits and services that are valuable to them. For years, credit card companies have successfully offered card-level perks and benefits, such as bonus rewards, cash back and travel perks, based on the consumer’s desired service level (e.g., gold card, platinum, diamond, etc.).

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White Paper

Reacquire, Reengage and Retain Your Existing Account Holders in 2022

Learn the industry’s best kept secret for boosting performance at each stage of the checking account life cycle, from onboarding to retention. This solution has proven time and again to deliver a 3 to 1 ROI or higher!


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Help Americans Weather the COVID-Induced Financial Storm

In a time when American households are lacking liquidity in record numbers and the competitors are swooping in to meet their needs, is your bank or credit union prepared to take action? Download this white paper to learn how you can help.



WEBINAR: Why Financial Institutions Must Reacquire Account Holders Through Digital Engagement

Watch the on-demand replay of this Webinar presented by Cornerstone Advisors and Velocity Solutions. You’ll learn what drives consumer engagement, what defines engagement and discover the Reacquisition Imperative.

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